Water Softening System

Here are some features that have made North Star the professionals' choice

Commercial Heavy Duty Water Softening System with High Molecular Weight (HM) Plastic Valve Models PA051, PA071, PA101, PA131, PA191, PA251, and PA321



  • Electronic Demand Control Module
  • Six-Cycle HM Plastic Valve with Easy-Clamp Ring
  • Counter-Current Brining
  • Washed Quartz Underbedding
  • Automatic Bypass during regeneration
  • Easy install Bypass Prevention Kits for multiple units
  • Fiberglass Reinforced Resin Tank
  • Water Usage is Metered by Turbine
  • 24-Volt Transformer
  • Self-Cleaning Upper and Lower Distributors
  • High-Density Salt Storage Tank
  • Exceptional Flow Rates
  • Available in single, duplex, triplex, and quadplex operation

Water Softener Close-up