Whole Home Sediment Filter

Filters the water for your entire home and cleans its own filter

North Star Whole Home Automatic Sediment Filter


Features and Benefits Include:

  • Point of entry filters are intended to filter water for entire home
  • Self Cleaning means there are no filters to replace
  • Programmable self-cleaning system, with backlit LCD display, effectively rinses loose particulate from the filter screen allowing for minimal pressure drop due to dirty/plugged filters
  • Operates on a 9V battery (included) with a low battery indicator or optional optional AC power adaptor (7302835) (not included).
  • Brass threaded inserts with 1″ NPT pipe threads and universal connections
  • Large capacity filter screens have more screen area for less pressure drop and longer intervals between self-cleaning (filter can be manually cleaned by using the “Clean Now ” button)
  • Heavy-duty, stainless steel, filter screens are available in 60, 100 or 150 microns to fit all applications (60 micron standard)
  • Clear sump casing allows viewing flow, sediment removal and auto clean feature
  • Includes All Necessary Installation Equipment: Drain Line, Battery, Bracket


  • Uses North Star 60 Micron Filter Cartridge 7298808 (included). Also uses North Star 100 Micron Filter Cartridge 7298816 and 150 Micron Filter Cartridge 1507298824, not included.

How Does The North Star Whole Home Automatic Sediment Filter Work? The EcoPure® Automatic Sediment Filter (ASF) is a revolutionary system that filters the water for your entire home and even cleans its own filter. With the ASF there are no filters to replace and it doesn’t interrupt or diminish your water pressure. By filtering sediment from all your water, other appliances like your water softener, water heater, washing machine and dishwasher will perform better and last longer. The EcoPure Automatic Sediment Filter is designed to be plumbed into a home’s incoming water supply pipe, where it will capture particles of sediment from the water and periodically flush them down the drain. The unit has an electronic control that counts down the days until the next automatic flush of collected sediment particles. The number of days is programmable. The electronic controller runs on a 9 volt battery. The controller will indicate when the battery needs to be replaced. An optional AC power adaptor (7302835) may also be purchased to eliminate the need for batteries. Three sizes of filter mesh are available. A 60 micron filter is included with the ASF unit, and optional 100 (7298816) or 150 (7298824) micron filters can also be purchased. how-it-works NOTE: This product is designed to reduce sand, grit, debris, pipe scale and other loose matter. On water supplies that contain sticky sediment including mud, silt and clay, you may have to remove the sump and clean the screen frequently.
North Star Whole Home Automatic Sediment Filter: Installation Guidelines To filter sediments from all household water, install the Automatic Sediment Filter (ASF) on the household’s main incoming water pipe. The ASF should be installed upstream from the water softener (if any), the water heater and all inside faucets. Print

  • Rated Service Flow Rate 35 gpm (132 lpm)
  • Water Pressure Limits (minimum / maximum) 30 – 100 psi (207 – 689 kPa)
  • Water Temperature Limits (minimum / maximum) 40 – 120 °F (5 – 49 °C)
  • Inlet – Outlet 1” NPT