Upflow Acid Neutralizer System

North Star Upflow Acid Neutralizer System

Model UAN10 and UAN12

Raises pH from 6.0-7
Eliminates corrosion of metallic pipes and fixtures
No water or chemicals required

NeutralizerFeatures and Benefits Include:

  • Neutralizes pH of 6.0 or higher
  • Chemical free
  • High flow rate – 10/12 gpm
  • Suitable for most homes
  • Multiple parallel units can be used for maximum flows
  • Upflow design does not require water for backwashing
  • Large 1″ connections with bypass
  • 75% Calcium Carbonate / 25% Magnesium Oxide
  • Fill port on IN/OUT adapter allows addition of media without removing the adapter

North Star UAN CutawayHow It Works:

Water flows up through the neutralizing media bed, preventing caking and channeling. Calcium and magnesium are dissolved into the water, raising pH and neutralizing the acidic water.

The neutralizing media dissolves into the water and will need to be replenished. The unshrouded tank will pass light shined through it for easy determination of amount of remaining media without taking the filter out of service and removing the IN/OUT adapter.

Why Neutralize Water?

  • Acidic water is, by definition, any water with a pH of less than 7.0.
  • Water that is low in pH can have undesirable effects on plumbing fixtures and piping.
  • Green staining of fixtures is a common indication of acidic water.
  • Copper pipe can be dissolved by water low in pH. Low pH is also an issue in water treatment.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to raise the pH of acidic water in order for other treatment strategies to apply. For example, oxidizing iron to prepare it for filtration is difficult if the pH of the water is low, so raising the pH of the water is often the first step in removing iron from well water.
  • Almost all water treatment issues involve pH in some way. Water constituents change in nature as pH changes, so many treatments can be applied only if pH is within the desired range.

Specifications UAN10
(10″ x 47″ Tank)
(12″ x 54″ Tank)
(10″ x 47″ Tank)
(12″ x 54″ Tank)
Type of Mineral Neutralite/Magnesium Oxide Neutralite/Magnesium Oxide
Amount of Mineral (cu.ft.) 1.0 2.0
Inlet Water Pressure Limits (PSI) 20-125 20-125 20-125 20-125
Maximum Water Temperature (oF/oC) 120/49 120/49 120/49 120/49
Service Flow Rate (gal/min) 10 12
Inlet/Outlet Pipe Size (in) 1 1 1 1
Supply Water pH Limits 6.0-6.8 6.0-6.8 6.0-6.8 6.0-6.8