Air Aspirated Chemical-Free Iron Filter

Patented Air-Injection / Chemical Free Iron Filtration

North Star “OH2-Iron” Iron Filter

Our Air Aspirated Chemical-Free Iron Filter removes red iron and clear iron to keep your appliances and your home running smoothly!

North Star Filter

Features and Benefits Include:

  • Removes up to 10 ppm Clear or Red Iron
  • No bleach, no potassium permanganate, no chemicals
  • Naturally aspirated air used to oxidize contaminants, Zeolite media filters contaminants out and backwashes them to the drain
  • No pumps, air is aspirated into system after the backwash cycle
  • One inch plumbing connection
  • Easy-to-use 28 volt controller – just plug transformer into wall outlet
  • Full 1-Inch Diameter Riser Tube for increased flow rate
  • Multi-Wrap™ Fiberglass Reinforced Resin Tank
  • Multi-Cycle Valve with easy-clamp ring and patented Teflon® discs
  • Zeolite with washed quartz underbedding
  • Includes Bypass Valve and Installation Kit
  • Warranty: – 1 year on complete unit – 3 years on electronic control and control valve body – 10 years on mineral tank (excluding mineral)


Maximum Water Pressure (psi) 80 80
Maximum Water Temperature (°F) 40-120 40-120
Flow Rate (gpm) 7-10 9-15
Minimum Backwash Flow Rate (gpm) 7* 10*
Electrical Rating (transformer provided) 24V-50/60Hz 24V-50/60Hz
Media (cu. ft) 1.0 2.0
Contaminant Removal Limitation:

Up to 10 ppm iron**

*Well pump must be able to provide the minimum flow for 30+ minutes. **Except, bacterial and organically bound iron. ***Actual performance may vary depending on local water conditions.

North Star Air Aspirated Chemical-Free Iron Filter Model NSAIV Print