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Morton® System Saver® II Salt Pellets Extend Life_online ad No one knows more about hard water and how to soften it than Morton®! Morton® System Saver® II Pellets are specially formulated to consistently outperform other water softening salts in North Star water softeners. Morton® System Saver® II Pellets are America’s #1 brand. System Saver® II contains a patented formula that is proven to deliver superior results. The pellets clean your softener while it works to remove hard water minerals, prevents mineral buildup in pipes and appliances, and improved the efficiency of appliances and water heaters. That can mean a big difference in the quality of your water, System Saver® II is an investment in your home. Morton® System Saver® II Pellets are designed to:

  • Make your water cleaner and softer
  • Help extend the life of your softener*
  • Help produce more soft water per regeneration
  • Help keep pipes and appliances stain-free and clog-free
  • Improve efficiency of softener and other water-use appliances
  • Prevent hardness mineral build-up in softener, water heater, and other water-use appliances

Morton® System Saver® Pellets come in the yellow bag with an easy to carry hard handle, both at 40-lb and 25-lb. The System Saver® II bag is easy to lift, carry, open and pour. The easy-open pull-tab opens just wide enough to allow salt to pour out easily. *Based on external laboratory testing of continuous use of System Saver II versus plain salt over the life of the softener, using hard water with an average clear-water(ferrous) iron content of 1.1 parts per million (ppm). Morton_SSII_25noupcMorton® System Saver® II Pellets Make A Difference in Your Water Softener Too! Hard water contains traces of dirt, iron and other minerals that can build up in the resin and valves of your water softener. That can lead to expensive repairs. But Morton® System Saver® II Pellets are specially formulated to clean out those traces of dirt and minerals and to help keep your softener clean and problem free – longer than all other salt pellets. System Saver® II Pellets are formulated with salt that is guaranteed 99.5% pure and contains virtually no insolubles that need to be cleaned from your brine tank. For these reasons, Morton® backs System Saver® II Pellets with a total satisfaction guarantee. Morton® Potassium Chloride Pellets Morton® Potassium Chloride Pellets are 99% sodium free! They add potassium to your softened water and reduce your water’s sodium levels These pellets provide the essential plant nutrient potassium to the ecosystem. Reduced sodium levels reduces chlorides discharged into the environment as well. Morton® Potassium Chloride Pellets come in a convenient, easy-open 40-lb. bag. Performance Data We have received numerous requests from dealers and customers about the use of potassium chloride (s/b KCl) as a regenerant for water softeners. As a result, we set up two identical water softeners and regenerated one with sodium chloride and one with potassium chloride. Both units were exhausted with 13-gpg hard water. From the capacity data we obtained, it appears that potassium chloride can be substituted directly for sodium chloride in a water softener with no loss of capacity. Experiments conducted in homes indicate consumers noticed no difference in taste between sodium or potassium regenerated softeners. There was also no noticeable change in the feel of the water softened by either regenerant. The potassium chloride was supplied to us in a granulated form and the sodium chloride was furnished as pellets. Caking experiments showed granular potassium chloride was much more prone to caking and salt bridging than was sodium chloride. We also found that the solubility of potassium chloride fluctuates with temperature whereas the solubility of sodium chloride does not. In areas of the country where outside installations subject the brine tank to wide fluctuations in temperature the use of potassium chloride could result in brine draw fouling.

SystemSaverIIPellets_20kgWindsor® System Saver II Pellets (20 kg) Windsor® Salt is the largest manufacturer of water softening salt in North America and understands why soft water is important to you and your family. System Saver II Pellets is formulated to guarantee 99.7% pure salt which ultimately means cleaner dishes and laundry and smoother hair and skin! Windsor® System Saver II Pellets quality product and packaging are absolutely a cut above and that’s why “Ya Gotta Get The Good One!” Sold in a 20 kg bags. PotassiumChloride_20kgWindsor® Potassium Chloride (20 kg) A sodium alternative to soften water. Windsor® Potassium Chloride is 99% sodium-free, therefore reducing sodium levels in softened water and chlorides discharged into the environment. This product also provides the essential plant nutrient potassium to the ecosystem. Sold in a 20 kg bag.